Yes, Winter Sports World is absolutely still going ahead. On January 11th 2024, WSW received formal approval of its State Significant Development Application which includes operating the facility 365 days a year.

With planning approval granted by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment in January 2024, we expect to start construction in 2025 with an estimated opening date in late 2027 or early 2028.  

WSW will shortly enter a phase of detailed design and engineering development to prepare for construction.

The first stage of construction will involve preparing for the basement walls and excavation to prepare the infrastructure works that will go into the basement such as the underground water tank for the snow making, mechanical plant rooms, loading docks and carpark.

Yes. This will attract Sydneysiders, interstate and even international visitors. WSW will be one of the biggest and most exciting attractions in Sydney.

Yes. It will be a training ground for athletes such as Winter Olympians year round, offering enormous savings to athletes who will not need to travel overseas to train.

WSW design will deliver a range of sustainability outcomes ensuring:

  • net-zero carbon ready 
  • resource efficient 
  • resilient and future climate ready 
  • socially sustainable 
  • health and wellbeing 
  • nature positive 

During construction $360m injection into the Western Sydney Economy and during operation $222m injection into the Western Sydney Economy each year.

Absolutely. High performance athletes choose to train in indoor snow centres around the world for some of their training as it takes variables such as weather and snow quality out of the equation, allowing them to focus on skill and technique.

World-class standard with design excellence achieved and endorsed by the Government Architect of NSW.

Yes, we will have a dedicated snow park / snow play area. The perfect introduction for the ultimate snow experience.

The project value is approximately $500+ million.

Yes. Our snow groomers can change the terrain regularly and even introduce moguls.

No. This will be Australia’s only offering.



During Construction 1368 jobs & during operation 1356 new jobs

Yes. Professional instructors to teach all levels of training from beginners, intermediate right through to advanced. Whether you’re learning to ski, improving your skills, an advanced skier or boarder or even professional athlete we’ll have a coach or instructor to help. 

The advanced run will be a quad-burning 300m!

We are building a giant esky, perfectly sealed and insulated which allows the environment to be controlled with maximum thermal efficiency maintaining the snow. 

8.5 m from the western end (Nepean River Side), transitioning to 54m on the Eastern End (Away from Nepean River) to cater for the advanced run.

To ensure the safety of our staff, residents and customers, extensive flood modelling has been conducted confirming the suitability of the WSW development.

A cool -5 degrees, perfect snow and weather every day, year round due to the perfectly controlled climate.

The WSW will cater for all its parking requirements within the site including cars, buses & bicycles. 

Real snow just like the ski fields. 

We’ve done extensive traffic modelling which has confirmed the ability of the existing road infrastructure networks to comfortably support the WSW development. It helps being located just off the M4 motorway.

The main entry will be via Wilson Lane, away from Tench Avenue.

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