How can an indoor snow experience be as good as the real thing?

When we think of the snow, what immediately comes to mind are snow capped mountains, hot chocolate, quaint chalets and large fields of snow. In Australia, the main ski resorts are situated in the mountainous Australian Alps of New South Wales and Victoria. Snow only tends to fall during the winter season when the conditions are right so our ski season tends to be very short meaning there’s a high demand during that limited season and things like accommodation and lift tickets are expensive. And if the weather takes a turn for the worse, your one weekend in the snow might be spent indoors avoiding a whiteout!  To experience snow all year round, and perfect conditions every day, the ideal alternative is an indoor snow centre.

Check out these advantages an indoor snow experience can have over the real thing…

  • Accessibility - the main ski resorts in NSW and VIC are located at least three to five hours drive from the major cities, Sydney and Melbourne. That is a lot of driving! As you head closer to the mountains, snow chains are compulsory for vehicles as roads may get slippery due to ice or snow. This can make things dangerous if you are not used to driving in these type of conditions. An indoor snow centre like Winter Sports World located in Western Sydney is much more accessible for people who live in Sydney. You don’t have to worry about hours and hours of driving in tricky conditions to get there.
  • Snow all year round - Australia’s ski season is short and unpredictable with typically 100-110 days at best. An indoor snow centre delivers consistency with snow making produced every day of the year. Even during summer, you can hit the slopes indoors!
  • Everything is all in one place – With an indoor resort like Winter Sports World, you’ll find everything in one place. Advanced and beginner runs, ice rink, an ice trail that transports you to a European snow village, ice bar and an array of dining options without trapsing all around the mountains or back down to the village. 
  • Cost - a visit to the ski resorts is costly. Firstly, your drive to the ski resorts there and back will require your petrol tank to be regularly topped up then you add in National Park fees, accommodation, ski clothes and equipment, ski passes, lessons and meals means the costs will quickly add up. Winter is peak season at ski resorts so prices are hiked up. Overall, you are easily looking at hundreds and hundreds of dollars spent even for a weekend away! Visiting an indoor snow centre located in Sydney means you only spend a fraction of the cost, saving you money.
  • Similar to the real experience - the snow that you get at an indoor snow centre is similar to the snow would see at the ski fields. Indoor snow is made using a cold environment, water and air which is just like the real thing. It would be hard to find the difference between snow that is produced indoors and outdoors!
  • Great for beginners - the terrain at ski resorts can be challenging to learn on. At an indoor ski centre, the environment is more controlled which makes it easier for beginners. There are no random rocks or ditches for you to avoid! Learning and practicing indoors actually prepares you when the time comes when you want to hit the ski fields. 
  • Perfect for elite athletes – Elite athletes will have the option to train all year round in perfect conditions. Having a strict training schedule is critical for elite and professional athletes and an indoor snow centre removes variables like weather and poor snow quality which can affect those carefully planned schedules.  

An indoor snow and ski resort like Winter Sports World caters to everyone from the most elite winter athletes, to those experiencing snow for the first time and people who just want to keep fit and polish up their skills. You can have a fun experience in a controlled environment without driving for hours to get to the snow fields. 

We can’t wait to see you on the slopes at Winter Sports World when we open in 2025.

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