Winter Sports World

Winter Sports World (WSW) is an Australian first indoor snow resort planned for Western Sydney, NSW. A $300 million world class development game changer for Sydney and Australia, catalytic for tourism and winter sports, something that Australia hasn’t seen before.


Australia has a high demand recreational snow culture with its demand  largely unmet due to short season duration and climate limitations.


It’s an exciting project for Sydney and in turn Australia with WSW set to bring the alpine winter to Sydney with perfect and predictable weather and snow conditions all year-round for an enjoyable and valuable experience every time. A multi-facet operation to cater for a wide market with key features such as a 300-metre indoor downhill ski slope, learn to ski slope, snow play winter wonderland area, Olympic standard ice rink auditorium, ice climbing, hotel, conference, restaurant and cafes.


WSW will cater for the first-time snow experience, learn to ski, corporate retreat, schools, tourists, through to recreational skiing and advanced training. It will also be a training facility for our Winter Olympians in alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, snow board, figure skating, ice hockey, speed skating, curling with the possibility of also catering for cross country and biathlon.


Strategically located in Penrith, Western Sydney within close proximity to amenities, infrastructure and the new Nancy Bird Watson Airport set to enhance future tourism and connection links. WSW will benefit from Western Sydney’s unprecedented current and future growth in employment, infrastructure and investment upgrades as a result of being within the Aerotropolis region.


Within a 90 min drive radius of the WSW location, the population density is over 5 million and forecasted to rise every year of over 2% p.a. within the Western Sydney Region alone. The easy to get to location will set WSW to become an attraction and a destination in its own right at a regional, state and even national scale.

WSW is well on its way to becoming reality, achieving significant planning proposal hurdle milestones, Gateway Determination issued in May 2019. Subject to planning approvals, construction is planned to commence in 2021 with WSW officially opening in 2023. It is expected to generate 900 new ongoing jobs, 250,000 tourist visits and of $80million per annum each year to Western Sydney.